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“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept, and celebrate those differences,” American writer and civil rights activist Audre Lorde said.

In this culturally diverse society that we live in, it isn’t a complete surprise that individuals belonging to ethnic minority groups have more than few encounters with racism — be it in subtle or complex forms. …

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“The ability to have a choice in what you do is a privilege,” as quoted from late American actor Anton Yelchin.

I think the sentence itself is already pretty self-explanatory. To a lot of people, ‘privilege’ is being a part of a certain group of people. It’s not wrong to think so, the word ‘privilege’ itself is defined as,

Unearned access to resources (social power) that are only readily available to…

Disclaimer! This blog entree is not meant to bring certain districts in Jakarta down nor is it meant to dismiss (or make fun of) the conditions of the people living in them. This blog entree is simply meant to initiate discussion on the unequal urban spatial structure in Jakarta.


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Have you ever dreamt of how things could have gone? Have you ever dreamt of what could happen? Have you ever dreamt of why things happen? Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what they dream of? Have you ever dreamt of things that could never happen?

Have you…

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First and foremost, we need to be able to “adjust” the meaning of the word “diet” itself — and yes, diet itself actually means “eating pattern”. For instance the “hypertension diet” is a dietary arrangement for hypertensive patients (high blood pressure), the “diabetes diet” is a dietary arrangement for diabetes…

Ali A.

A wise man once said, “one day… I’m gonna make onions cry.”

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